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Chongqing Chemical Industry Vocational College (CCIVC)

Chongqing Chemical Industry Vocational College (CCIVC) is a state-run regular seniorvocational school approved by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government,filed to the recordof National Ministry of Education,and established under the cooperation of Director of Chongqing Education Commission,Chongqing Education Commission and Chongqing Economy and Information Commission,as well as one and the only school exclusively cultivating senior applied and technical talents of chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Chongqing where it is situated.
Since the foundation in the year of 1964 and through half a century of faculty and staff's utmost efforts,the college's primary mission has been a full time regular senior vocational education and also served a diversity of schooling pattern,likethe industry-wide technical verification,prepared technician training and in-service training.Just located to the north side of Jialing River and in the close neighborhood of Guanyinqiao business district,Jianbei.Ourcampus can provide convenient and fast ways of living and trip.It's the tranquility and flow of flower smell that blends natural beauty into the atmosphere of humanity,which brings out the best part of both spirit of science educationteaching atmosphere,making it the best school of learning for students.

The collegeisfeatured with 7 disciplines as chemical engineering,environment and quality test,pharmaceutical engineering,mechanical and automatic engineering,architectural engineering and economical management,and with public course,politics course,department of military PE and further education school.It develops over 30 majors or professionals including industrial analysis and inspection,industrial automation,applied chemical and industrial technics,maintenance technics of chemical and industrial equipment,analysis and environmental monitoring,management of safety technics,management of logistics,e-commerce,etc.,among which the industrial analysis and test,industrial automation,applied chemical and industrial technics and maintenance technics of chemical and industrial equipment are elaborately shaped branding professionals,carrying great influence nationwide.
The college has completed facilities of practice training with over 30 off-campus practice bases.Meanwhile covering 8000 square meters,the on-campus practice-training base with equipment valued over millions and over 100 different laboratories,can fulfill all the needs of students in every discipline.Those key practice training laboratories including analysis and test,chemical engineering and automation engineering,demonstrate absolute advantages in Chongqing and its counterparts in Southwest China.
In 2008,the practice-training base was granted National Demonstration Practice Training Base by China Petroleum and Chemical Industrial Association and China Chemical and Industrial Education Association.In 2011,the Municipal Expertise Studio of Zhangrong Chemical and Industrial Analysis was established.
The college faculty members account over 500,who are recognized as rich teaching experienced,advanced teaching methods and outstanding science and research ability.It keeps the schooling purpose as Educating-orientation,School Establishment on Quality,Characteristic Development and Society Service,and applies MES module teaching methods,emphasizing teaching interaction,competency-based instructing,and overall quality education to cultivate senior applied technical talents.From 2006 to 2016,some students have been awarded group top prize 10 times and individual all-around championship 17 times ranging from national to municipal chemical test technics competitions.
The college adheres to in-depth integrated education between school and enterprise,pays a high attention to students's employment and occupation,combines many large scaled and superior enterprises like Chongqing Chemical and Medical Holding (Group) Company in order to establish stable practice and employment base and cultivate order-oriented talents for enterprises.It has shaped a wide-spreading employment network among chemical industry,pharmaceutics,light industry,mechanics,food industry and tourism in Chongqing.The college graduate employment rate has been over 95% for recent years.
CCIVC's faculty and staff members work with full enthusiasm to build it into National Demonstration Base of Senior Technical Talents,National Youth Civilization Etiquette Education Demonstration Base,National Key Vocational College,Chongqing Civilized Unit,Chongqing Vocational Education Model Unit and Chongqing Adult Education Model Unit.The 550-acred newcampus in Changshou has been under construction which will speed up the development of CCIVC.

Time flies over half a century while talents are cultivated year after year.CCIVC is taking the opportunity of vocational education development,bearing the times responsibility,improving education to teach and working hard with no fear of difficulties to be a national popular,and top senior vocational college in Southwest China.

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